Keystone is internationally recognized as a top ophthalmic clinical research organization.  For the past 3 decades, Keystone is a leading investigational site for virtually every participating clinical trial piloting to FDA approval of sight saving ophthalmic drugs and devices.  Our vast experience in conducting all phases of clinical trials for devices and pharmaceuticals positions us to be both efficient and effective.  These are just a few of the areas we have participated in changing the course of ophthalmology for the better:


Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness worldwide and cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgical procedure.  Advancements in any phase of the procedure, from devices to medications to planning and preparation can have a significant effect on a very large number of patients.  Keystone is proud to remain on the leading edge of clinical research and aids in advancing technologies that bring FDA approved improvements to patient care associated with cataract surgery including pharmaceuticals, devices, equipment and intra-ocular lenses. 


Management of glaucoma and ocular hypertension is an ever-evolving science.  Thanks to the expertise of our principle investigators partnering with industry leading companies, patients now have an abundance of options in the treatment of their ocular disease.  Keystone is committed to continuing to work side by side with pharmaceutical and device companies to help preserve vision for patients world wide.


Retinal diseases can be one of the more difficult yet rewarding ocular conditions to diagnose and treat.   Advancements in testing now allow for earlier diagnosis and a more complete understanding of the disease, detection and treatment.  Keystone is at the forefront of partnering to develop these cutting edge devises and pharmaceuticals.


Dry Eye Disease (DED) affects tens of millions of patients around the world, and both its frequency and impact has been proven to increase with age.  Dry eye is the most commonly reported reason for seeking medical eye care, and up to one in five patients presenting to hospital outpatient clinics or optometry practices experience dry eye.  Discoveries gleaned from clinical trials conducted by Keystone Research Ltd have paved the way for better diagnosis and treatment of dry eye.  


The human eye is on par in complexity and importance with the human brain.  Because of it's complexity, research is necessary for the advancement of sight saving ocular medications and devices.  The doctors at Keystone Research are involved in partnering with innovative concepts that further the design and development of instrumentation and devices to better evaluate and treat a myriad of ocular conditions.  Keystone will continue to be a leader in the advancement of science in ophthalmology with the professionalism and skill necessary to carry out complex clinical trials with efficiency, precision, exceeding industry's expectations.


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